Thursday, October 6, 2016

KY Governor Nullification Under Investigation

Thanks to Charlie Pierce for the new moniker.
Stopping a road project may seem like small potatoes, but it's brought down Kentucky politicians before, and the road flap may be just the beginning.  Let's hope the House dems follow the example of congressional repugs and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate right up Bevin's ass.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo on Wednesday appointed a special committee to investigate whether Gov. Matt Bevin's administration stopped a road project in Jessamine County this year in retaliation against the Democratic state representative who had rejected Bevin's overtures that he switch political parties and become a Republican.

Stumbo said his office's examination of records related to the project "raises serious questions as to the retaliation that may have been used by the administration" against Rep. Russ Meyer, a Nicholasville Democrat.

The House speaker emphasized during a news conference in the House chamber that the state had to pay the road contractor on that project $625,000 in damages last spring because the contractor could not begin work on the project by a deadline set in the contract.

"For some reason, $625,000 in taxpayers' money was paid for a contract which, from our investigation and our conversations with people who are knowledgeable about these matters, could have been fulfilled and gone forward with," Stumbo said.
Meyer alleged in August that Bevin had left a message threatening him and his district after he refused to change parties.
 Hey Greg: After you finish that investigation, I've got a list of Bevin crimes for you to go after:
  •  Attempting the murder of 400,000 working Kentuckians by stealing their Medicaid coverage.
  •  Threatening the unconstitutional elimination of state employee pensions.
  •  Attempting the murder of hundreds of thousands of other working Kentuckians by killing the wildly successful kynect health insurance program.
  • Inciting post-election violence, including the deaths of children.
There is more, much more to keep a determined investigator busy for years.  Where is Ken Starr when you need him?

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