Friday, March 18, 2016

With SCOTUS Pick, Women Getting Fucked Over Again. Still. Always.

 Kevin Drum asks:
Why doesn't Merrick Garland figure out a way to quietly leak the notion that he's opposed to abortion and thinks Roe v. Wade is bad law? He has no track record on abortion, so it would seem perfectly plausible. That would really put Republicans in a tough spot, wouldn't it?
No, Kevin, it would only prove once again that women's health and women's rights mean absolutely nothing to anybody with political power. 

And what the fuck Garland has no track record on abortion?  He's been on the MOST IMPORTANT appellate court in the nation for TWENTY FUCKING YEARS.  You can't tell me that he's never had an abortion case come up. Something stinks.
Martin Longman has a lot of good points here, but he completely missed the boat on the strange silence about Garland's position on abortion. 

I've been politically aware for more than 43 years, since before Roe v. Wade, and I am sick and fucking tired of Democratic presidents running in terror away from any potential Supreme Court Justice who thinks women are sentient human beings who should have control over their own bodies. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks some restrictions are OK, when any restriction at all denies that women are adults who can make their own decisions.

Just fucking once I'd like a president to nominate for the Supreme Court someone who loudly and proudly insists that it is the responsibility of the federal government to provide free, no-questions-asked, no-restrictions, available-on-every-corner Abortion On Demand for every woman who wants one. Or several dozen.

And no, that president is not Hillary Clinton.  But it might be Bernie Sanders.

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