Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Killer Cop Might Be Held Accountable in Kentucky

Don't get too excited; the decision is from a federal judge, who does not have to play nice with local cops the way state judges do.  But still - baby steps!

From the AP:

A federal judge has found that a Kentucky police officer used unreasonable force when he shot an unarmed, intoxicated man with cognitive disabilities as he staggered along a railroad track, refusing to take his hand out of his pants and disobeying officers' orders.

U.S. District Court Judge Joseph H. McKinley's ruling came in a civil case filed by the man's family against the city of Bowling Green and several officers involved. His finding that Officer Keith Casada's decision to shoot 46-year-old Gregory Harrison was "objectively unreasonable" means the lawsuit can move forward toward trial.

An attorney for Harrison's family hailed the ruling as a symbol that judges and juries, for decades hesitant to blame officers for killing civilians, are no longer willing to ignore brutality after a string of high-profile cases across the country. The city's attorney criticized it as "a 20/20 hindsight" decision that failed to factor in the split-second decisions officers often must make. Both the officer and the man killed were white.
So, Mr. Bowling Green City Attorney, a cop can shoot and kill anyone for any reason as long as the cop does so in a "split-second."

Stay out of Bowling Green Kentucky, people: it's a fucking free-fire zone.

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