Sunday, March 6, 2016

"Progessives of Faith" Can't Stop Trump

Oh, DR Tucker, wake up.  "Liberal Christians" have been enabling racist, misogynisitic, homophobioc, Dominionist freakazoids for decades. They are cowardly motherfuckers and always have been.

Progressives of faith will declare, firmly and forcefully, that Donald Trump in the White House means more for those that already have and less for those who barely have anything, more discrimination on the basis of race and religion, more women being harassed and harangued by misogynist men who see Trump as their role model. It means more injustice, more ignorance, more intolerance. It means America abandoning its best values…which is why progressives of faith cannot and will not let Donald Trump destroy America’s melting-pot legacy. 
Yes, they will. "Progressives of faith" will do what they have always done, which is wring their hands and whine and moan and stand aside while the forces of hate run roughshod over American Democracy.

"Progressives of Faith" are the biggest supporters Donald Trump has.

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