Friday, March 4, 2016

Matt Bevin's War on Women and Fuck You, Kentucky One Health

Just three months into Governor Lying Coward's administration, Kentucky's Nuremburg Laws are clear:  only rich, white, republican, straight, xian men have rights.

And women birth vessels aren't even human.

Jack Brammer at the Herald

Lexington has an unlicensed abortion clinic that should be closed until it receives a license from the state, the administration of Gov. Matt Bevin claims in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Fayette Circuit Court.

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ACLU of Kentucky executive director Michael Aldridge said he was “deeply concerned about the increasingly hostile climate around access to abortion in our commonwealth.”

“Safe and legal abortions are already difficult for many Kentucky women to access, with only two clinics in Louisville and Lexington,” he said. “Through lawsuits and a string of anti-abortion bills this legislative session constitutional rights are being eroded under the guise of ‘women’s safety.’”
 Meanwhile, the Commonwealth's largest hospital chain has caved to Nazi repug pressure.
KentuckyOne Health, which operates the University of Louisville Hospital, has backed out of an agreement to provide Planned Parenthood patients emergency care in case complications arise during an abortion.

Planned Parenthood attorney Thomas Clay said that the organization was told Tuesday by hospital officials that they were under pressure to terminate the agreement, and that the hospital's state funding was threatened. Clay said the hospital declined to say exactly where the pressure came from.
Funny how Governor Faux Libertarian is perfectly fine with Big Gubmint stomping its jackboots all over private business when it fits his freakazoid agenda.

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