Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Matt Bevin Doesn't Know What the Fuck He's Doing, Part 20

Unless, of course, his goal is to reduce the state employee workforce by driving enraged Kentuckians to massacre state workers.

Because nothing screams Fuckhead Incompetence and Billionaire Arrogance like firing the person who is calling the lethal consequences of your incompetence to your attention.

The top official in charge of complaints at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services was fired one business day after he said he warned his bosses that people were so angry over problems with a new public benefits system that he feared some might become violent, endangering state workers.

Hundreds of callers have grown increasingly frustrated over the abrupt loss of benefits such as Medicaid and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps, said Norman "Chip" Ward, the former executive director of the cabinet's ombudsman's office.

Many are furious they can't reach anyone on a state hotline to handle questions about benefits they said were wrongly canceled under the new system know as Benefind.
"I expressed my concern that something bad was going to happen," Ward said in an interview Monday, adding he was worried an angry client might visit a local state benefit office and become violent. "It was really reaching a boiling point."

Among the cabinet officials Ward said he notified of his concerns on March 18 were Secretary Vickie Yates Glisson; Tim Feeley, deputy secretary; Adria Johnson, the commissioner of the Department for Community Based Services, which handles public benefits; and Steve Davis, the cabinet's chief of staff.
If you won't solve the problem - especially when said solving involves admitting you were fucking wrong and Steve Beshear was fucking right - then kill the messenger. 

I figure the over-under on how soon after engineers warn Bevin of the danger that a massive infrastructure collapse kills hundreds of Kentuckians is six months.

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