Saturday, March 19, 2016

Judge Slaps Down Bevin On Abortion Case

"Abortion is legal, you motherfucker, and women are human beings. Now fuck off and die in a fire."

Or words to that effect.

Linda Blackford at the Herald:

A judge has denied a request by Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration to temporarily close a Lexington abortion clinic that the state claims is operating illegally.

Fayette Circuit Judge Ernesto Scorsone ruled Friday against the state’s request for an injunction to close EMW Women’s Clinic on Burt Road. He said the Cabinet for Health and Family Services failed to present adequate evidence during a hearing Wednesday that it will eventually prevail in the lawsuit or that allowing the clinic to remain open as the lawsuit proceeds would cause “irreparable injury.”

“In addition to the evidence indicating that EMW is operating legally and in conformity with the most important regulations of a licensed abortion facility, closing the clinic is against the public interest,” Scorsone wrote. “EMW is the only physician’s office that routinely provides abortion services in the Eastern half of the state, and both parties agree that a right to an abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy is constitutionally protected. Closing EMW would have a severe, adverse impact on the women in the Eastern part of the state.”

The state sued the clinic two weeks ago, alleging that it lacked a required state license. The clinic stopped performing abortions on March 9 pending a judge’s ruling.
Scott White, an attorney representing the clinic, said it would reopen next week.
Judge Scorsone, who spent decades in the General Assembly being routinely disrespected for his liberal principles before coming out as gay in 2003, knows from motherfuckers who try to deny human rights to people who aren't white and male and straight.

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