Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Watch Live As the Dark Ages Descend on Kentucky

The public swearing-in is at 2 p.m. Eastern, but Matt Bevin was sworn in as governor at midnight. By now, he's already signed executive orders destroying everything worthwhile in the Commonwealth.

Four hundred thousand working-poor Kentuckians stripped of health insurance.

Thousands of minimum-wage state workers losing their $10.10 per hour pay, dropped down to $8.00 per hour.

The death of the bourbon, horse and tourism industries as oil and gas fracking poison groundwater throughout the Bluegrass.

Crumbling roads and bridges and mass unemployment as conservatard austerity slashes the state budget.

Tens of thousands of non-freakazoids forced into a christianist theocracy.

Heading for the hellscape Sam Brownback created in Kansas; ultimate goal the Galtian paradise of Haiti.

Live on KET.

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