Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's All About the Skin

No, honey: you did not think they were muslims.  You saw that hated dark skin and knew that anti-muslim hate gave you an excuse to attack people you think of as ni**ers.  Cuz all them browns is ni**ers, ain't they?

From PZ Myers:

A racist woman mistakes two Brazilians as Terrorists. While filming a YouTube comedy skit in front of a local airport, a racist woman stopped her vehicle on the side of the road and started calling my friend and I terrorists. Being that I’m an aspiring filmmaker, I pulled out my camera and started recording the incident. I served the U.S Air Force and I honestly never thought this would happen to me. It’s disgusting how ignorant and blind people are nowadays. People like her need to be shunned out of society, because that’s the mentality that keeps us from progressing. SHARE this, we need this negativity shunned!
It's not negativity, son; it's racism. And no amount of "shunning" is going to stop it.  800,000 dead in a civil war couldn't stop it.

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