Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On Medicaid, Matt Bevin Doesn't Know What the Fuck He's Doing

First, he's a lying coward. He's not cancelling or even freezing the expansion, probably because somebody explained that the feds would drop the entire government on his head if he tried it.

Gov. Matt Bevin announced Wednesday he has begun work to transform Kentucky's Medicaid program by 2017.
But in the meantime he envisions no major changes in the government health plan that covers nearly 1.3 million Kentuckians.
But he's gonna fuck with it anyway, because there's gotta be a way to divert those millions of sweet, sweet, federal tax dollars into the pockets of his corporate friends.
There is no rational reason to mess with a program that COSTS NOTHING to lift tens of thousands of Kentuckians out of poverty. 

Unless your real agenda is to hand millions of tax dollars to your rich friends and campaign donors, taxpaying Kentuckians be damned.

That's all that "transforming" Medicaid does: take tax dollars that currently go toward improving the health of actual Kentuckians and allow them to work and escape poverty, and giving those dollars to private companies for pure profit.

Ask Bevin and his minions what exactly is wrong with the current, highly successful and dirt-cheap Medicaid program and the only thing they can say is "corporations aren't making a profit off of it!"

Because that's all that government is for, as far as faux-libertarian greedheads like Bevin and his minions are concerned: making billionaires and corporations even more obscenely rich and keeping working people - the working poor who pay taxes the rich avoid - too sick and poor and beaten-down to fight back.
Congrats, Matt: you've got your nickname.   "Greedhead Coward"

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