Sunday, December 6, 2015

"The Work of Amateurs"

Amateurs who killed as many as they did only because being in the Land of the Gun gave them easy access to major weapons,.


But ask yourself an important question: if this was a sophisticated plot, years in the making, does targeting a Christmas party full of county bureaucrats in San Bernardino really make a lot of sense? If this "sleeper" had been trained and groomed for this job, you'd think she would have come up with something with a little bit more political impact.

No, this is probably exactly what Engle says, an amateur pair of Lone Wolf killers in a land where they can easily get their hands on as much firepower as they want who carried out their own little jihad. It's no less devastating to the victims of their insanity, of course. But everyone needs to take a breath and recognize that this is likely no different than all the other mass shootings we've had this year.

And that is bad enough.

Oh, and by the way, the Republicans in congress once again voted down any restrictions on gun rights for suspected terrorists. Yesterday.
Yes, terrorism, albeit amateur.  But so are all the shooting attacks that happen in this country literally every single day.

Like Colorado Springs.

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