Thursday, December 17, 2015

Buying Off and Disenfranchising Dems the Only Way Repugs Can Win

And you should know that, Greg Stumbo.  You should have started fighting this 10 years ago.

From the Courier:

Democrats said Wednesday that they are ready to defend their majority in the Kentucky House even as Gov. Matt Bevin continues peeling off Democratic lawmakers and opening seats that could help Republicans win control for the first time in 95 years.

In his latest move, Bevin appointed state Rep. Tanya Pullin on Tuesday to serve as an administrative law judge for the state Department of Workers' Claims.

Pullin, a Democrat whose district covers all of Greenup County and part of Boyd County in Northeastern Kentucky, starts Jan. 1, and her vacant seat in the House will need to be filled through a special election.

Democrats hold a clear advantage in the district's party registration, with 57 percent of voters registered as Democrats and 35 percent as Republicans. But Bevin carried 57 percent of the vote in Greenup County during last month's gubernatorial election, and Pullin's departure is yet another hit to House Democrats.


House Speaker Greg Stumbo told reporters Wednesday that Pullin had notified colleagues long in advance that she wouldn't seek re-election and that Democrats have already begun recruiting.

He also accused Republicans of trying to buy a majority and said he fully expects Democrats to remain in power when the session starts Jan. 5.

“It’s a shame that they result to these tactics - these special elections cost money,” Stumbo said. “It’s obvious they are trying to take the House by this tactic. But we’re going to be prepared to meet them on the election grounds.”
BEGUN recruiting?  The deadline for filing for legislative offices is January 29. Forty--three days.  You should have had candidates lined up and filing MONTHS ago.

The repugs sure did.

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