Friday, October 3, 2014

How Many Dead Women Will It Take to Slake the Misogynists' Thirst?

All of them.

Kevin Drum:

We are rapidly approaching a point in half the states in America where abortions will be effectively available only to rich women. They'll just jet off to clinics in California or New York if they have to. Non-rich women, who can't afford that, will be forced into motherhood whether they like it or not. At which point conservatives, as usual, will suddenly lose all interest in them except as props for their rants about lazy welfare cheats.
No, non-rich women will NOT be forced into motherhood.  They will be forced into botched, back-alley illegal abortions, which should just be called "Gosnells" from now on.  The will end up sterile from punctures and infections if they're lucky; dead if they're not.  Or maybe imprisoned for life on bogus "murder" charges.

And no, conservatives will never lose interest in women who have sex outside the "Dugger rules." The maimed, dead and imprisoned ones will be held up forever as proof that only Dugger-rule sex is safe.

UPDATE:  And the states are already doing it.

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