Sunday, October 26, 2014

Religious Liberty and the Bishop

It's about power.  It's always been about power.  It's always been about the kind of faux power that is the only kind the truly weak can ever acquire: power by demonizing the other and labeling them as sub-human.

Women, minorities, gays, non-conformists of all stripes: Other, and therefore su-human.

Ophelia Benson in Free Inquiry:

... James Conley, bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska, who does indeed have a Facebook page on which he shares the columns he writes for the Southern Nebraska Register. He published a column on the Hobby Lobby ruling and what he takes to be its implications on July 11. SNIP

What the bishop seems to want is not religious liberty but religious power and authority. He wants to impose his religion’s rules and taboos on all of us, including people who don’t share his religion.

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