Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blacks Searched Twice As Often in Louisville Traffic Stops; Police Chief Claims No Bias

Confident declaration of false belief in the face of factual proof to the contrary: Does Democratic Mayor Fischer know his police chief is a repug?

Matthew Glowicki at the Courier:

Black drivers are nearly twice as likely to be searched and arrested than white drivers after being pulled over by metro police, according to a vehicle stop study released Friday morning.

Police Chief Steve Conrad called those disparities "areas of concern," but said the report, which was conducted by University of Louisville researchers, does not definitively show racial bias was a factor in vehicle stops.
I see.  The fact that they were searched because they are black does not mean they were searched because they were black.
Blacks are also more likely to be arrested during a police stop, with 5 percent of stops involving blacks resulting in an arrest, compared to 3 percent of stops involving whites and 4 percent of stops involving Hispanics, according to the report.
Well, they have to justify those racially biased completely coincidental searches somehow.

They lie because they know they're going to get away with both the lies and the baseless stops and arrests.  And they're going to get away with the baseless stops and arrests until the residents of Louisville black and white stand up and say No More.

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