Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hitler the Creationist

Yeah, suck it, freakazoids.

PZ Myers checks the translating skills of the motherfuckers claiming Hitler was an evolutionist, and finds them wanting.
But that was a little odd — I’ve read a translation of Hitler’s evil little book, and I didn’t see anything about evolutionary biology in there — there was a lot of “Nature” and “Creator” and “God” sprinkled throughout, though. So I had to go look, and yes, I found that quote in this translation (pdf). It’s in chapter XI, Race and People, and it’s full of anthropomorphization of natural processes and what I would call clearly anti-evolutionary sentiment.
That’s an idea that would fit right in at the Creation “Museum”, but not in any biology text.
He concludes:
Yeah, sorry, Christians, but Hitler was expressing Christian and Creationist ideas in Mein Kampf. You’re free to claim that he was corrupting and distorting Christian ideals (although I could argue with that, too), but to claim he was using evolutionary biology to advance his racist ideas is simply ludicrous.

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