Monday, October 6, 2014

Mitchie-poo Exposed

No, not that kind of exposed.  The corruption kind of exposed that won't make any repugs vote for Alison, but might get a few disappointed Democratic voters off their asses and to the polls Nov. 4.

Down With Tyranny:

The Cincinnati Enquirer is the dominant newspaper for northern Kentucky and publishes a Kentucky edition every day. This morning’s Mitch McConnell expos√© by Curtis Ellis and Harry Wu isn’t only going to be read by folks in Ohio. And the basic premise that Ellis and Wu are making— that McConnell has enriched himself while in the U.S. Senate through his dealings with Communist China— aren’t new to Kentuckians. Even here at DWT we’ve been covering McConnell’s funny business with China regularly since 2007.
Read the whole thing.

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