Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Turnout, Turnout, TURNOUT

Yeah yeah, Alison's up by two points. You know what I don't see?  I don't see my local Democratic Party knocking on my door to make sure that I am going to acquire the Level-5 Hazmat suit necessary for me to vote for that repug-lite DINO in four weeks.

Not one sniff of an effort to turn out Democratic voters. Gigantic cards every day from the Turtle, but nothing from the Big Dog's Best Girl.

This isn't a U.S. Senate campaign; it's a bad joke.

Meanwhile, the Kentucky House is on the verge of falling to the repugs. That will be a catastrophe.

And when repug Jaime Comer wins the gubernatorial election next year - or rather, when Jack Loser Conway throws away another election any Democratic candidate could win - we will be completely fucked.

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livfreeordi said...

Why the angst? Sounds like great news!