Friday, January 10, 2014

Jaime Comer Wants to Be Governor So Bad He's Pretending to Defend the Sluts

Kentuckians may hate Barack Obama and love Rand Paul, but under no circumstances will we put a teabagging repug in the Governor's Mansion.

Jaime Comer knows that, and is so desperate to prove he's not one of "those people," he's gone so far as to defend the sluts.

Janet Patton at the Herald:

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer is throwing his support behind a House bill that would extend domestic violence protection to dating relationships.

"I thought this was important to let people know not every Republican is against this," Comer said Thursday in an interview. "I feel strongly in favor of it, and I'm afraid other Republicans may not embrace it."


Similar legislation has died in the Republican-led Senate in previous years. Asked Wednesday about the bill, Senate President Robert L. Stivers, R-Manchester, said he doesn't see the need for extending protective orders because people can seek arrest if they've been assaulted.

Comer, a probable Republican candidate for governor in 2015, said that as the only Republican statewide elected officer, he wanted to make it clear he disagrees.


"People need to realize all Republicans don't think alike, even though it sounds like it because we always nominate the same old boring Republican men that talk the same old Republican talking points. I think it's very important and it's OK if I'm the only Republican supporting the bill."
Everybody who thinks Comer's first acts in office won't be to cancel kynect, expanded Medicaid and Governor Beshear's executive order barring state agencies from firing gay people just for being gay, and signing bills to ban abortion and replace public schools with religious and corporate charters, stand on your head.

He may want industrial hemp, but he's a coal-worshipping, corporate-cock-sucking, fuck-the-poor, shame-the-sluts repug through and through.

And there's not a Democratic candidate in the state who can beat him.

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