Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another KY Repug Gets National Publicity for Stupidity

We need a Democratic candidate to run against this moron, and we need her to file before January 29.


In yet another demonstration that marijuana makes people stoopid even without smoking the stuff, Kentucky state Rep. Robert Benvenuti said in a hearing that the state should not legalize medical use of marijuana because it would inevitably lead to its legalization for recreational use* and then promised to “fill this committee room with first responders, law enforcement officers and parents of dead children based on the effects of marijuana.” When people in the gallery started grumbling that marijuana is not exactly lethal, Benvenuti explained, “In driving intoxicated, in child abuse, we’ve already heard today from folks who talk about intoxicants and its role in child fatality and child abuse” — because all drugs are exactly the same, and pot is just as deadly as alcohol and meth.
Benvenuti represents southeastern Fayette County, otherwise known as the Enclave of Rich, White, Freakazoid Repug Straights Terrified of the Dusky-Skinned, Pot-Smoking, Same-Sex-Having, Godless Real People Who Live in Downtown Lexington.

As of today, according to the Secretary of State's office, no one has filed to run for Benvenuti's House District 88 seat.

C'mon, District 88: I know you've got a Democrat or two living there. File to run against this motherfucker.  Just to remind everyone what an embarrassment he and his friends are to the Commonwealth.

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