Saturday, January 18, 2014

Coal Jobs Are Gone; The Only Future Is In Renewables

What Alison Lundergan Grimes, Steve Beshear and the rest of the coal necrophiliacs refuse to admit is that if President Barack Obama announced today that he was outlawing every form of electricity generation other than coal, it would not create a single job in the Kentucky coal fields.

That's partly because even with lethal mountaintop removal methods, Appalachian coal is no longer economically competitive compared to open-pit mines out west.

But it's mostly because renewable energy has quietly surpassed fossil fuels in price, effectiveness and quantity.

In November 2013, 100 percent of new power generation in the U.S. was renewable.

Every single power plant that started creating electricity that month uses solar, wind, geothermal or biomass energy to create electricity.

Not one single new watt of energy added in November 2013 came from oil, gas or coal.

Yes, they're still drilling, fracking and mining their homicidal asses off, but they've already lost.  There is right now, today, enough renewable energy capacity on the planet to supply the entire world's electricity needs.

That's why there are not going to be any more coal jobs in Kentucky. Ever.

And every politician who claims otherwise is lying.

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