Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In Reality World, This Is Known As Suicidal Ideation

Last November, Senate Democrats invoked a procedural maneuver that allowed them to confirm judicial nominees by a simple majority vote, thus cutting off the GOP’s ability to maintain control over a key federal appeals court by simply refusing to permit anyone to be confirmed. So it’s a bit odd that, just over a month after Senate Republicans effectively lost their ability to veto nominees from the minority. President Obama decided to outsource selecting nominees to most of the open judicial seats in Georgia to two Republican senators.

Presently, five judicial vacancies need to be filled in Georgia. Yet, 2013 wound down, Obama agreed to a deal that would place most of these seats in Republican hands.
There is no excuse.

Every liberal accomplishment of the last 70 years, from Social Security and workers' rights to abortion and voting rights are on the verge of elimination by the thousands of conservative judges appointed by repug presidents. They far outnumber liberal or even moderate judges.

To save a democratic society, we have to fill every single judicial vacancy with the far-leftiest judges we can shove down repugs' throats.

But Obama is giving them away to repugs, and killing democracy in the process.

Nothing - nothing - is worth this.

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