Sunday, January 19, 2014

Freedom to Die

From the way freakazoids fight to prevent people from dying peacefully, painlessly and by choice, you'd think they don't really believe all that heaven bullshit.

David Atkins at Hullabaloo:

Isn't it funny how when there's an actual advance in human freedom, conservatives oppose it?
In a decision sure to cause debate, a New Mexico judge has ruled that terminally ill, mentally competent patients have the right to get a doctor to end their lives.

The landmark decision Monday by New Mexico Second Judicial District Judge Nan Nash came after a two-day trial and could make New Mexico the fifth state to allow doctors to prescribe fatal prescriptions to terminal patients 
The ACLU and Compassion & Choices, an end-of-life choice advocacy group, filed the lawsuit on behalf of two New Mexico doctors and cancer patient Aja Riggs.

The judge was asked to consider whether the doctors should be allowed to write prescriptions for a terminally ill cancer patient who wanted to use drugs to end her life.

"This Court cannot envision a right more fundamental, more private or more integral to the liberty, safety and happiness of a New Mexican than the right of a competent, terminally ill patient to choose aid in dying," the judge wrote. "If decisions made in the shadow of one's imminent death regarding how they and their loved ones will face that death are not fundamental and at the core of these constitutional guarantees, than what decisions are?"
Forcing people to spend their final weeks in unwanted agony is the very opposite of compassion or freedom. But then, conservatives don't actually care about freedom. They care about being able to make the most money possible at the expense of everyone else, especially society's "others." Since most people consider that the essence of evil, they redefine that goal as "freedom."

But the rest of us have a different idea of freedom in mind.

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Anonymous said...

too bad they don't do that in texas where the braindead pregnant woman is being kept alive against the wishes of her family and herself.