Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why I Don't Contribute to "Centrist" Democrats and You Should Not, Either

Because they are cowardly losers whose cowardly losses lead directly to the avoidable deaths of women.
Not that they give a flying fuck.

The Democrats listened and followed that advice. They hemmed and hawed and droned on about "safe,legal and rare" and a "culture of life" --- and it didn't buy one, single vote. In fact, a strong stand in favor of women's rights is credited with energizing the Democratic voters in 2012. Imagine that.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Where fighting this might have at least resulted in an awareness of what was happening, years of Democrats chasing votes that were never going to come their way resulted in zealots quietly passing laws at the state level making abortion more and more difficult to obtain.  I guess that's what the anti-choice minority in the Democratic Party calls "winning." They must be so pleased.

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