Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fuck You, Popey Frankie - AND Your "Peace"

It is a testament to the overwhelming success of repugs and freakazoids in dragging the Overton window completely over the ReichwingJeebus cliff that so many otherwise rational liberals (I'm looking at you, Chris Hayes) are drooling over a catlick dictator who is STILL protecting child rapists.

Fortunately, Angry Atheists see right through bullshit invitations and fake pleas for peace.

PZ Myers:

I also disagree on the nature of the peace he is looking for. The Catholic church desires the peace of ignorance, the peace of acquiescence, the peace of unquestioning acceptance of a dogma calibrated for fools. No, thanks. Give me the kind of peace where dissent can thrive and knowledge grows and ideas can change.

The pope can join in the quest for peace as a fellow human being, but he is not a leader and he is not representative of humanity in any way, and the media attention on his toothless pronouncements is unseemly.

I also don’t want to live under a peace that allows misogyny to thrive and lets child rapists roam free and thinks fetuses are more precious than women. This pope is not my friend nor my ally.

I want to live in a world in which it is not sufficient for a clown to get a prestigious position by bowing to an arcane hierarchy, and then gets a lot of fawning friends, even among atheists who ought to know better, because he is glib about preaching platitudes. I’m not taken in by the smiling fa├žade plastered over the goddamned Catholic Church.

Don’t forget what this man represents, even when he kisses you on the cheek, atheists.

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