Monday, December 23, 2013

What Blue-State Liberals Think Is Funny

I was absolutely horrified to see the panel of supposed liberals on Chris Hayes' All In last Friday laughing their privileged blue-state asses off at the exposure of racism and homophobia among Louisiana rednecks on some unexcusable piece of television shit that I am deeply, profoundly sorry I ever heard of.

So very, very funny to watch an idiot with way more money than brains spout the kind of hate-filled racism and homophobia that ... wait for it ... gets people killed.

Right now. Today. In every red state in America.

Black people and brown people and gay people and uppity female people killed because some reality-show asshole - and the professional conservatards who support him - make it acceptable to kill them.

The killings are the extreme end of a constant stream of racist, misogynistic, homophobic abuse that we have to endure in red states.

It's hell on earth to live in the world created by the so-hilarious fuck dynasty clan and the motherfuckers like them.

But the big-city liberals on Chris Hayes' show don't care about that. They don't care about the beseiged liberals who are their only hope of electing Democratic members of Congress from red states - which is the only hope of Democratic control of Congress. They don't care that voting falls far down the priority list when there are no jobs and no unemployment compensation and no food stamps and no affordable housing and no fucking nothing because people like Phil Robertson run your state.

No, Chris and his friends can't imagine why anyone with a grain of sense would live in a red state, so they cheerfully condemn us all to duck-fucking purgatory.

And then wonder why we won't vote for the DLC chumps they put up as candidates.

Ta-Nehisi Coates nails it.

So, why don't I get away from the Kentucky conservatards by moving to blue Chicago, a city I love? Because this is MY home, goddammit. They won't chase me off of it.

This is beneath you, Lamp Chop. Over Christmas, read some Molly Ivins.  She'll set you straight.

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