Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Only One Side Threatens Schools

Did you hear about the atheist second-grader who was expelled from her public school because she refused to participate in an unconstitutional forced prayer?
How mad does that make you?  Does it make you want to track down the teacher, principal and entire school and make violent threats?
Of course not. The worst any liberal or atheist would do is file a lawsuit, even if I hadn't just made it up.
But this is true:
What else can you say to people who are this crazy and hateful? Merry F&#$ing Christmas, morans:
Did you know a San Francisco elementary school suspended a student for wishing an atheist teacher a merry Christmas?
That's because it didn't happen.
But an Internet hoax had people across the country believing it did, resulting in e-mail tirades and more than 75 phone complaints and veiled threats of violence against the fictitious teacher or the actual principal. And taxpayers picked up the tab for beefed-up security and staff time to deal with the phony story.
Because of the threats, Argonne elementary school administrators called an emergency teacher meeting to review security procedures and district officials assigned an extra security officer to the campus. In addition, police have increased patrols around the school this week, said district Assistant Superintendent Leticia Salinas.
Here's a clue for the freakazoids, not that they'll accept it:  Atheists aren't offended by "Merry Christmas" because we know that American "christmas" is an entirely secular holiday based on exclusively pagan traditions. Attempts by the freakazoids to appropriate it for their own zombie's birthday inspires smiles of pity, not retaliation.

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