Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The New Terrorism: Protesting Corporate Power

When corporations write the laws and regulations, when corporations buy elections, when corporations get people's taxes in the form of subsidies while paying no taxes of their own, you don't have a democracy any more. You have a corporatocracy.
And when expressing your opposition to corporatocracy makes you a terrorist, your last freedom is gone.  
A demonstration against Devon Energy and the company’s role in fracking and tar sands mining, including the Keystone XL pipeline, ended with four individuals being placed under arrest last week. Two of them were arrested by police on the basis that they had violated an Oklahoma anti-terrorism law prohibiting “terrorism hoaxes.”

It is strongly suspected that this happened as a result of advice that TransCanada has been giving local law enforcement in states, where protests against the Keystone XL pipeline have been taking place. They have been meeting with law enforcement and suggesting how terrorism laws could be applied to stop citizens from protesting the corporation’s activities.
Right now in Kentucky's Bluegrass, landowners are fighting tooth and nail against an out-of-state corporation determined to ram a giant pipeline of toxic fracking waste through the most geologically, environmentally and agriculturally fragile part of the Commonwealth.
Bluegrass Pipeline has already managed to con unions into supporting them with lies about job creation (after the pipeline is built, there are no jobs.)
How long before they make displaying anti-pipeline signs or bumper stickers "terroristic threatening?"

Find out how to fight the Bluegrass Pipeline and the corporatocracy at stopbluegrasspipeline.us.

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