Sunday, December 1, 2013

Put Armed Cops in Schools And This Is What You Get

I have yet to hear or read one single example of a child in a school doing anything that justifies deadly force.

TechDirt via Crooks and Liars:

Another incident that highlights the troubling aspects of placing cops in schools has surfaced. The sheriff's office's (which supplies the deputies to the school) story has changed several times in the space of few days, but the end result is inarguable: a 17-year-old student is in a medically-induced coma as the result of its officer's actions.
At one Texas high school, the use of a Taser by Randy McMillan, a sheriff’s deputy/school resource officer, on 17-year-old Noe NiƱo de Rivera has resulted in the student being put in a medically induced coma. The family has filed a lawsuit against McMillan, the school district, and the county, and alleges Rivera was tased after trying to break up a fight.
According to the court documents, the teen was walking backwards from school officers who were trying to break up a fight when he was tased, falling backwards and suffering a brain hemorrhage. The sheriff's office maintains that the student acted aggressively and refused to back off when ordered to by officer Randy McMillan.
I cannot imagine how the fuck school officials can justify this.  Or how parents can accept it. Or taxpayers tolerate the million-dollar payouts.

Anybody else notice a common thread in these tasering stories? The victim is almost always helpless - beaten or manacled - or backing away when the cop shoots.  Real brave, assholes.

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