Monday, October 12, 2015

Where are the Social Worker Cards? The Safety Inspector Cards? The Mental Health Counselor Cards? The Firefighter Cards?

What they're really teaching children with these cards is to view cops as super-authorities to be obeyed instantaneously and never questioned.

Just exactly what the billionaires and corporations want in their serfs.

Kat Russell at the Paducah Sun:

Get ready to start collecting and trading because the Paducah Police Department has teamed up with Head Start to bring back its once-loved officer baseball cards.

Discontinued about 12 years ago due to budget constraints, the new cards, paid for by Head Start as part its community partnership efforts, will be hitting the streets in the next few weeks.

Each officer will have a card with his or her picture and name on the front. On the back it will give their rank and division, how long they've been on the force and some personal information about the officer, such as where the officer is from, hobbies they enjoy or sports teams they like.

In the past, the baseball cards were used as a way to encourage the community to get to know PPD's officers, said Gretchen Morgan, the department's community resource officer. The cards gave people a reason to approach officers, chat with them and ask them for their cards.

That, said Kristy Lewis, director of Head Start for Paducah Public Schools, is what she hopes to encourage children to do when the new cards come out.

"We want our kids to know that it's OK to go up to an officer and say hello and ask them for their cards," Lewis said. "I think in doing that, kids will see that the officers are here to support them and help them."

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