Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Racist Voters and the Dems

Do we want white voters who abandoned the Dems over a black president to come back to the party at all?

And not just because they're racist motherfuckers who can't be trusted. 

They are the "registered democrats" who make it look like dems outnumber registered repugs in Kentucky, even though repugs keep winning race after race after race.

Like Kim Davis, they are racist, homophobic, xenophobic, gun-loving, misogynist, freakazoid motherfuckers who will never, ever, EVER vote for a Democratic candidate.

They are the fake dems who keep Democratic candidates running repug-lite campaigns chasing after votes they'll never get.

They are the fake dems who keep electing repugs-with-Ds-next-to-their-names like Joe Manchin who poison Congress with their repug votes.

They are the fake dems who give aid and comfort to the true enemies of Democratic values.
And the best part is, Democratic candidates don't need them

Not only can we win elections without them, but we'll start winning more elections as soon as we tell them to fuck off and die.

"Didn't vote for Obama?  Then don't vote for me."

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