Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This Is YOUR $620 Billion They Are Stealing Every Year

Billionaire Motherfuckers like the Justices of West Virginia.

Coal companies controlled by a billionaire running for governor of West Virginia owe $3.5 million in delinquent property taxes in Eastern Kentucky, shortchanging schools and other public agencies at a time many are struggling.

The companies controlled by Jim Justice have delinquent taxes on mining equipment, land or coal reserves — or all three in some cases — in Pike, Floyd, Knott, Harlan, Magoffin and Breathitt counties, tax records show.

Jay Justice, the son of Jim Justice and an executive of a coal company controlled by his father, vowed that his father's companies ultimately will satisfy their tax debts.
Everybody who thinks the Injustices will pay a penny in taxes of any kind, stand on your head.

Because they never, ever, do.
New analysis finds that the 500 largest companies in the US are keeping some $2.1 trillion offshore in order to avoid paying $620 billion in corporate taxes yearly.
How many $50,000 a year jobs would $620 billion every year buy?  How many state-of-the-art schools?  How many cures for cancer and arthritis and AIDs?

Tax the criminals out of existence.

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