Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kick Cops Out of Schools

UPDATES below.

This is not enough.  The title "School Resource Officer" is a LIE.  These are COPS.  Cops are trained to beat, taze and kill.  Not teach. Not de-escalate. Not counsel. Beat, taze and kill. 

People trained to respond first, last and only to any problem no matter how minor by beating, tazing and killing have no place in any school.

Shame on every teacher, principal and administrator eagerly abandoning their responsibilities to work out problems with defiant children - because until they turn 18, they are CHILDREN - because they can just call a cop who will take the CHILD off their hands and beat, taze and kill them.

The white South Carolina high school resource officer seen on video this week flipping a black female student out of her desk and throwing her across a classroom will be relieved of duty, NBC News reported Wednesday.

Videos posted online of Richland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields' confrontation with the Spring Valley High School student sparked a firestorm on social media. Fields was put on administrative leave pending a full investigation by local and federal authorities.

Fields allegedly has a record of aggressive arrests, the Guardian reported. A man named Carlos Martin sued Fields in federal court for allegedly pepper spraying him and using force with his wife after pulling the couple over for playing loud music, court records show.

The Justice Department announced Tuesday it would open a civil rights investigation into the incident.

The high school student involved in the confrontation was arrested and charged with disturbing school. Another female student was also charged. Neither have been identified.

First, cop has been fired. Check your local cop shop to see if he's now terrorizing your neighborhood schools.

Second, the Rude Pundit beat me to this and said everything I was too angry to think through and write coherently.

And third, this is how good teachers handle problems without cops.

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