Sunday, October 25, 2015

Public Service Announcement: Pull the Fuck Over

It's Sunday-Slow-Drive-in-the-Country Season, and Slow-Drive-on-Unfamiliar-Roads Drivers everywhere are courting homicide by not Pulling. The. Fuck. Over.

Glance in your reear-view mirror.  See that vehicle behind you? The one with the driver exercising superhuman restraint to keep from tailgating your slow-ass ass?

That driver is not taking a Slow Drive in the Country.  That driver is trying to get home to his kids before the babysitter ditches them.  That driver is trying to get home before the food he bought at the nearest grocery an hour away goes bad.  That driver is trying to reach his elderly parents who have a plumbing emergency.

You poke along, marveling at the woods and the fields and the hills and the lakes, never imagining that anyone might want to use these roads for anything but sightseeing.

News, asshole:  We live here.  We work here.  These roads connect us with civilization and with each other.

We're happy for you to use them for sightseeing - as long as you show some fucking courtesy.

Here's the rule:

If you are driving on a two-lane road (or, here in Kentucky, one-lane roads with two-way traffic), and you are moving at least ten miles below the speed limit (which unless you see signs to the contrary, is 55 miles per hour, no matter how scenic), and there is at least one car behind you ...

Pull. The. Fuck. Over.

No, there's no shoulder.  But there are driveways.  If you just pull in for people to pass you and then  pull back out, you won't get shot.

But if you keep blocking traffic like that, you might.

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