Thursday, October 1, 2015

Popeyfrankie Not Catlick Piece of Shit. He's Far Worse

He knows exactly what he's doing: undermining America's secular constitutional government and giving aid and comfort to the freakazoids who want to destroy it and replace it with Dominionist theocracy that will make the Taliban look like Unitarians.

But I wonder if he realizes that under a freakazoid Dominionist regime, catlicks will be first against the wall.

So the Vatican is confirming that Pope Francis had a private meeting with Kim Davis and her husband, and did not dispute reports from her attorneys that the Supreme Pontiff gave the embattled Kentucky County Clerk a blessing, an admonition to “stay strong,” and rosaries for her Catholic parents. This is in addition to the earlier evidence Francis supplied to reporters of his agreement with Davis’ claim that government officials can claim a “conscientious objection” to laws that trouble their consciences.

What’s most interesting to me about these events is that the Pope is going out of his way to express solidarity with an apparent apostate (it’s possible she was never a Catholic before her fairly recent conversion to an exotic pentecostal faith community, but unlikely if her parents are part of the One True Church) who’s been divorced three times. No wonder conservative Catholics accuse Francis of doctrinal laxity.

I guess homophobia covers a multitude of sins.
Is that the deal popeyfrankie made with the murdering bastards in the Curia?  Let me throw the plutocrats and poisoners out of the temple, and I'll let you burn the homos and the women at the stake.

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