Wednesday, August 26, 2015

KY Clerks Association Caves to the Freakazoid Bullies

A grand total of three - count 'em, three - out of 120 County Clerks in Kentucky are disobeying the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court and Kentucky law by refusing to do their jobs.

And instead of echoing Governor Beshear and telling these criminal morons to do their fucking jobs or resign, the association that represents 117 County Clerks who are doing their jobs without being morons is instead proposing ways that the three criminals can get away with breaking the law without suffering legal consequences.  How about we just throw the motherfuckers in prison, where they belong?

The Kentucky County Clerks Association is proposing to amend the state’s marriage laws so county clerks don’t have to personally endorse marriage licenses.
The group is crafting legislation it says would ensure clerks who oppose signing off on same-sex marriages wouldn’t have to.
Leslie County Clerk James Lewis, chair of the association’s elections committee, said on Tuesday the organization is confident the bill would be a solution for clerks who have religious objections to same-sex marriage.
“We would just like to — if there are misgivings, it does create a difficult choice for them sometimes — then this change would eliminate the need for that choice,” Lewis said.
A: The criminal morons are not going to fall for it.  They will take this bill as proof they are right and demand that Kentucky outlaw not just same-sex marriage and homosexuality itself, but that the Commonwealth institute Dominionism immediately and make the three of them emperors for life.

B.  The purpose of this legislation is not to "resolve" a question the U.S. Supreme Court has already resolved, or even to make babby jeebus stop crying.  The purpose is to force Democratic members of the state House into a vote that will either rally repug voters for their opponents or disgust dem voters into staying home.  Either way, repugs take back the state House and with the repug Senate and repug guv Matt Bevin turn Kentucky into Kansas on the path to turning it into Haiti.

"Consicence" has nothing to do with it.

C.  Shame on you, Leslie County Clerk James Lewis, shame on you, Kentucky Association of County Clerks, and shame on any and every Democratic state legislator who lets this piece of shit bill even come to a vote.

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