Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Independent Curtis Unlikely to Affect KY Governor's Race

Repugs are going to hold their noses and turn out to vote for Bevin no matter how much they may hate him.  If Conway continues to pander to repugs who will never, ever vote for him or any other Democratic candidate, he'll chase away even more Democratic voters than repug-lite Alison did last year.

Disillusioned Democratic voters stay home; they don't go to the polls hoping to find a third option.

Digital entrepreneur Drew Curtis and his wife, Heather Curtis, paid $500 and submitted more than 9,000 signatures Monday morning to enter the race for Kentucky governor and lieutenant governor as independents.

The secretary of state's office said a few hours later that the husband-and-wife team from Versailles had submitted at least 5,000 valid signatures of registered Kentucky voters, as required by law, and therefore would appear on the Nov. 3 ballot.

The major party names on the ballot are Democrat Jack Conway and running mate Sannie Overly, and Republican Matt Bevin and running mate Jenean Hampton.

Tuesday is the deadline for independent candidates to enter the race.

Drew and Heather Curtis, both 42, are not the first married couple to run for the state's two highest elective offices. Steven Maynard and his wife, Bonnie, of Inez ran for governor and lieutenant governor in the 1995 Democratic primary. Paul Patton won the nomination.

The Conway campaign said it had nothing to say about the Curtis campaign. The Bevin campaign did not respond to a request for comment.
 Of course not.  Curtis is irrelevant.

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