Friday, August 14, 2015

AynRandy the Losingest Loser of All the Losing Losers

The Tribble-Toupeed One is failing as a presidential candidate not because he couldn't compete with Trump on the crazy train, but because he can't shake off the label of "loser."

Trump's campaign is all about labeling himself the all-time winner of everything, and everybody else a loser.  That doesn't really stick to anyone who has actual accomplishments, but it shines a spotlight on Rand Paul being forced to create his own fake "board of certification" because he couldn't pass the real certification board exams for eye doctors.  Loser!

And compared to Ben Carson, a world-famous neurosurgeon, Rand Paul with his pathetic practice in rural Bowling Green, Kentucky looks like even smaller and weaker. Loser!

Oh, how the mighty Libertarian has fallen. When Rand Paul held his filibuster, the media, RNC and many in the conservarazzi were joyous. Not only did he take a principled stand, they said, but he also had the supporter of his Dad's followers by his side to win straw polls and raise tons of cash off of. He seemed like a top tier 2016 presidential candidate. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened so far. In fact, he's fallen so far that his campaign produced a Donald Trump attack ad.
Attacking Trump hasn't been fruitful for any candidate so far, including Rick Perry, so I'm not sure why Paul's campaign thought this was a good idea. It's probably more the fact that he's slipping into the second tier of candidates and feel pressured to try something, anything, to get the poll numbers up. It won't work.

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