Saturday, August 29, 2015

Buying Off the Freakazoids

It had nothing to do with public pressure or sudden attacks of conscience.  It had to do with potentially losing a billionaire alum's big annual donations.

Think Progress:

Alumni also spoke out, including Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle, who is a “major donor” to St. Mary’s and whose wife is a graduate. Boyle issued a statement on Wednesday saying he was ”extremely disappointed” with the school’s decision to let Brown go.

“The news this week is an example of how to not prepare students,” Boyle told OregonLive. “There is no place in the workplace of today, or of the future, for discriminating against an individual based on sexual orientation.”

But on Wednesday evening, school officials abruptly switched their stance, announcing on Facebook that they had voted unanimously to alter the school’s hiring policies to allow for LGBT employees.
Freakazoids are greedy pieces of shit and always have been.  The only trick is negotiating the price.

I'm gonna guess that trailer-trash county clerk Kim Davis could be persuaded to don rainbow threads for the price of a new double-wide. 

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