Thursday, August 27, 2015

$2 Million Taxpayer Bucks and Counting to Defend Criminal Freakazoids

UPDATE, 2:40 p.m.: Of course she's defying the order.  She's a filthy, hate-filled freakazoid bitch, and that's what filthy, hate-filled freakazoid bitches do.

So the Sixth Circuit, having been slapped down on human rights by the Supreme Court, is passing the slapping on down to vicious, hateful freakazoid bigot Kim Davis.

Who will, of course, appeal to the Supreme Court, costing the Kentucky taxpayers yet more millions of dollars.

Because Davis is claiming she is a state official and therefore her legal fees should be paid by the state. That is, me and four million of my fellow victims of this crap xian piece of shit.

Meanwhile, a much better case is being made by the ACLU of Kentucky for the state's taxpayers to cover the legal costs of the ACLU having to fight Governor Beshear through the Supreme Court over his refusal to extend human rights to human beings.  That's $2 million that should have to come out of Beshear's plenty deep personal pockets.

The rumor is that Beshear "fell on his sword" by fighting the gay marriage case in order to protect Attorney General Jack Conway in his race for Governor.  Apparently, some idiot at the Kentucky Democratic Party thought this little ploy would let Conway attract the gay vote (and campaign bucks) and avoid the freakazoid attack.

In 10 weeks, Conway's gonna lose that race by 30 points.  What exactly will this stupid, expensive, counter-productive fight over extending human rights to human beings have accomplished?

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