Monday, January 12, 2015

Want Better Schools? End Poverty. That Works.

The really cool thing about charter schools is that you get to funnel millions of tax dollars to your freakazoid and corporate friends while destroying the public school system and keeping poor, uneducated black kids poor and uneducated forever.

It's a three-fer!

No wonder racist, plutocrat-loving legislatures like Kentucky's love them,.

Daniel Luzer at Washington Monthly:

And that’s because it might not be school funding that’s really crucial to fixing this problem. The article mentions that a 2014 study by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles, characterized the problem this way: “The children who most depend on the public schools for any chance in life are concentrated in schools struggling with all the dimensions of family and neighborhood poverty and isolation.”

That’s probably a more important thing to worry about here: the neighborhood poverty and isolation. America already spends far more money on public education than other industrialized nations, and we have lower performance. American education performance is low not because we have bad schools; it’s low because we have a lot of poor people. We should work on fixing that problem.

How much money do we have to throw at schools to avoid addressing America’s high poverty rate?

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