Saturday, January 31, 2015

Secular Government Prevails in Lexington: Mosque Approved

My preference is to ban all construction by religious groups of any and all flavors, but equal treatment is the next best option.

And the more things that make freakazoid xian and racist conservatard heads explode, the better.

Beth Musgrave at the Herald:

After a debate of more than an hour, Lexington's Board of Adjustment voted 6-1 Friday to allow an Islamic community center on Armstrong Mill Road.

The existing Islamic Center, on South Limestone, had applied for a conditional use permit for a worship center on a 9-acre site on Armstrong Mill Road currently zoned agricultural. The planned three-story building would include prayer space on the bottom floor, a gym on the second floor and a walking track on the third floor. It also would include 200 parking spaces.


Charles Payne, president of the River Park Neighborhood Association, said after the hearing that he isn't sure whether the neighborhood would appeal the board's decision.

"I'll have to talk to everyone and see what they want to do," Payne said.

Mahmoud Shalash, president of the Islamic Center, who attended the meeting but did not speak, has said he does not plan to close the current Islamic Center on South Limestone when the new community center opens. Shalash has also said that he must raise additional money before he can build the community center.

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