Monday, January 26, 2015

Flashbanged for Jaywalking, But Only If You're Black

Flashbangs aren't smoke bombs. They're bombs: weapons of war that kill people.

No, cops aren't soldiers.  They're fucking thugs.


These bombs were invented to help special forces in hostage situations. Which makes sense. If civilian lives are in danger then it's reasonable to take risks. When it's over a baggie full of pot, not so much.

I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that they tend to only throw them into the homes of African Americans:

Read the whole thing. As you know by now, the attitude of the police is that we are at war in the streets of America and their primary duty is to keep each other safe. All they want is to kill the "enemy" and get through their tour in one piece. But selling beer on Sunday is not jihad, African Americans are not the Taliban and protesters are not ISIS. Just because they wear the costumes and carry all the gear it doesn't make them soldiers.
Do your local cops have military bombs? Who are they using them on?

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