Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Are There In Kentucky No Bathroom Stall Doors?

And how wonderful that the most pressing problem faced by Kentucky public schools is an apparent shortage of bathroom stall doors.

This would be funny if it weren't tragic for thousands of Kentucky students.  From the Fairness Alliance:

  • It's an unnecessary solution in search of a problem
  • Absurdly demands chromosomal and biological proof of gender to use school restrooms
  • Opens the stall door to Kentucky politicians regulating school restrooms throughout the state
  • Violation of Title IX, the federal law banning discrimination in schools based on sex
  • Takes home rule away from local school districts and school principals
  • Targets gender non-conforming students, who are already among the most harassed--nearly nine in ten have been verbally harassed at school and more than half have been physically assaulted
  • Allows students to claim a $2,500 bounty for each encounter with a transgender student and more money for psychological and emotional harm
  • "I tend to think that working through issues such as this are better handled on the local level." -Bowling Green Independent School District Superintendent Joe Tinius.
Meanwhile, the moron is giving interviews to national reporters, who are giving him plenty of rope to hang himself.

Last week, Kentucky State Sen. E.B. Embry, Jr. (R) filed a bill that would ban transgender students from using their appropriate school restrooms and locker rooms and even allow other students to sue schools for $2,500 every time they see a trans student in one of those facilities. In private conversations with a concerned citizen, Embry revealed more about his beliefs about transgender people and the origins of the bill, including an invented problem to justify it.

Angela Swift Hill is a former Kentucky resident, an educator, and the proud mother of a transgender teenager. She reached out to Embry via Facebook to express her concerns about his legislation, lauding the “love and strength” she has found in her own daughter’s journey and suggesting that he was “encouraging hatred.” Hill shared her exchange with ThinkProgress, though Embry kept much of it private.

Embry defended his bill by essentially rejecting the existence of transgender people:
There is no hate involved. It is simple. Children of a certain sex should be the only ones allowed to use the restroom for that sex. Children can present themselves and dress as any sex they want. They can be gay or staight [sic], as they wish and should not have to deal with bullying. Strong action should be taken regarding bullying of any type. Those things have nothing to so with this issue. School children who are girls should use the girls restroom, and the boys the boys restrooms, nothing else is at issue.
His claim to oppose bullying does not jibe with his vote against an anti-bullying bill that would have extended protections to LGBT students.
Here's an idea: How about the Democrats turning this disgusting spew of ignorance, homophobia and hate into a law that protects transgender students from locker room harassment

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