Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dear "Liberal Christians:" This Is Your Real Religion

I know what you're going to say: "that's not MY god."  Which is exactly the point.  As Ronald Lindsey explains in Free Inquiry:

Paul’s statements of ignorable advice are whatever one doesn’t find congenial to one’s own outlook. Carter simply did what millions of believers have done before him and what believers do now. They cherry-pick those scriptural passages that support their position and explain away contrary passages. 
Because God says whatever we want him to say, he is no moral arbiter. Instead, God is the ultimate ventriloquist’s dummy. We don’t even have to worry about not having our mouths move. We move our mouths, and then we attribute what comes out of them to God.

Pretending the freakazoid god is different from the free love hippie god you say you worship allows you to ignore the horrific crimes against humanity the freakazoids use god to justify.

And your silence grows their power. Child abuse, torture, murder: it's on YOUR heads, liberal christians.

Divine Irony:

I never get tired of reposting this. Every quote you see above are actual texts from the Bible itself. These are just a few examples of the gruesome stuff your pastor never tells you about.


Clark Griswold said...

And just what values can atheism bring? Nothing it doesn't borrow or steal. You wouldn't think the above wrong if not for theism, because atheism cannot found objective morals. Not only does atheism have no basis for saying anything is morally wrong, this lack of basis has inspired the greatest orgies of mass killing the world has ever seen--over 100 million in less than half a century alone.

Yellow Dog said...

Human values. Human morality. The personal responsibility to each other and society that religion stole for its authoritarian hierarchy from which humanity has suffered ever since.

Morality is human, not religious.