Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Digby remind us that while the outrage of repug-undermined health care reform has everyone's attention, other outrages are flying under the radar.

They whooped and hollered when they heard about it.

Taser International unveiled its first new stun gun since 2003 on Monday, a device that can shock three people without being reloaded.


While the device can be used against three people, it targets the same person more than once. Smith said each barb would deliver a separate shock.

Gosh, that is such a great improvement. Instead of having to reload to shock people multiple times while they are already compliant and in custody, they can do it in rapid succession. After all, it only leaves a couple of tiny marks.

I hear Taser is working on something really innovative: a chip that can be implanted in every citizen which can be activated by remote control to drop you to the ground writing in pain whenever the authorities perceive that you are being uncooperative. Wouldn't that solve all of these problems? And seriously, what would be the principle against against it?

And that's not all - they figured out a way to make it into an even bigger outrage for taxpayers. Read the whole thing.

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