Saturday, July 4, 2009

How Abstinence-Only Leads to Crime

OK, I get that their purity pledges didn't cover orgasms, but is there in Connecticut no porn?

A group of teenagers misunderstood a woman's screams during sex and, thinking they were stopping an assault, beat a 25-year-old man in her bedroom, police said.

As PZ writes:

Multiple tragedies here: not only was an innocent man beat up, but now everyone at school is so going to know those teenagers are like total virgins.


Jack Jodell said...

Those teenagers were obviously religious right Republicans!

BimBeau said...

Actually, I can't imagine teenagers acting any differently. Screaming is a sign, without reservation, of stress and angst - even victim behavior.

Make all the fun of it you want, but until it's all in - Dog, you, on this issue, are out of line.

There are enough problems with abstinence without making objection a folly without basis.

Pull your pants up your ass is showing.

RichMiles said...

Lighten up, Bimbeau...screaming is only MOSTLY a sign of stress and angst. Sometimes it's a sign of intense pleasure.

I once had a girlfriend who screamed so loud when she orgasmed that, every time we stayed together in a hotel, I asked her to put a pillow over her face to drown the screams, because I was afraid of just such an occurrence as the one in this post. Not necessarily teenagers, but she put out decibels sufficient to draw the cops.

When we were at home, I did my best to make her scream as loudly as possible, and she most often accommodated me.

I don't think I ever loved a woman like I did her. Sure would love to see her again. And hear her again.

Anonymous said...

I can't sign my name to this, as I am too easily embarrassed, but I want to offer an anonymous observation.

I am 48 years old. It has been my experience that screaming during sex is a somewhat "advanced technique". I don't sleep with teenagers, and haven't since I WAS a teenager, but teenage girls don't usually scream during sex. It's something that only happens when a woman feels totally secure in herself sexually and every other way. So the teens in this story are probably not going to be subject to humiliation because they didn't know about screaming during sex. Hardly anyone their age would be likely to know that. Unless I totally don't know anything about the sex habits of teenagers today, which is entirely possible.

Richmiles, my condolences over the loss of your "screamer". You didn't say how long ago you two broke up, but a real genuine screamer is someone to hold onto as a lover. You may never find another. I haven't, not since I lost mine 15 years ago.