Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Coal Buys Dr. Dan

When an apparently sentient, sane political candidate publicly promotes the destruction of strip-mining as "good for Eastern Kentucky," you can be pretty sure that candidate is in the pocket of Big Coal.

But you don't often see a smoking gun like an email from the industry bragging about its purchase of a potential U.S. Senator.

Page One catches it:

David Moss, Director of Government Affairs for the Kentucky Coal Association, a registered lobbyist agent with the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission, sent out an email blast begging for campaign contributions on behalf of Daniel Mongiardo to the entire Kentucky Coal Association:

From: David Moss <*****@kentuckycoal.com>
Sent: Mon Jun 22 17:39:20 2009
Subject: [KCA MEMBERSHIP] Fundraising Request

Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo is requesting all Coal Industry interests to support his campaign for the Democratic Nomination for the 2010 U.S. Senate Election against Attorney General Jack Conway. Lt Gov Mongiardo has continually fought to keep Kentucky a national leader in coal production regardless of the political retribution received from local papers and environmental extremist groups. He is and will remain a Friend of Coal. He desires to collect a large sum of cash before the 2nd quarter reporting period ends next week (June 30). Please send all checks to his campaign address listed below: Dr. Dan for U.S. Senate P.O. Box 4023 Frankfort, Kentucky 40604
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Thought you’d like to see that message, dear readers. Especially because all of us “environmental extremists” and those working at local papers are obviously out for “retribution” - we’re not just out for a discussion of the facts in the U.S. Senate race or anything.

Should be noted that “he desires to collect a large sum of cash” is not sufficient as a campaign solicitation in a federal race. When sending emails like this, the FEC requires that there be ‘paid for by’ language and disclose contribution limits.

Media Czech adds:

There was already no question that Dan Mongiardo was in the pocket of King Coal because of his unequivocal support for the travesty that is mountaintop removal mining. Now, Jake brings home the evidence that King Coal is now actively fundraising for Lt. Dan so that he can help do the bidding of mountaintop removers in the US Senate.


This guy shouldn't even come near the Senate. And Kentucky Democrats and Independents of all stripes need to make sure that this doesn't happen.

Let's get behind the candidate that isn't a shill for King Coal and mountaintop removal, eh?

That would be this guy.

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