Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mongiardo Weakest of KY Dems for U.S. Senate

Like I said yesterday, polls 18 months out are bullshit. But the too-early bullshit Public Policy poll on Jim Bunning's reelection race next year is so chock-full of opportunities to bash coal-loving homophobe Dan Mongiardo, we're just going with it.

Page One Kentucky has details on the repug alternatives to Bunning, and their chances against the various dems, of whom Mongiardo is - surprise! - the weakest.

Media Czech has more poll porn, and it's bad news for Dr. Dan:

In the crosstabs, Dan Mongiardo once again shows anemic support among Democrats, as his approval/disapproval is 58/18, as opposed to Conway's at 57/10. Among indendents, Mongairdo fares poorly (35/48), while Conway does quite well (35/28). Homophobic opportunism and mountaintop removal shilling coming back to bite you, Lt. Dan?


In the matchup that we WILL see in November 2010, we have some great news:

Jack Conway- 42%
Jim Bunning- 33%

Zesty! Mongiardo is also ahead, but by a lower margin.

Dan Mongiardo- 43%
Jim Bunning- 36%

So first things first: let's put to rest that tired meme that we need to nominate a homophobic and environmentally catastrophic candidate, or else we can't win the Kentucky senate seat. That meme is officially DEAD. We can do better, and the more progressive Democratic candidate POLLS BETTER than the Blue Dog conservative Democrat.

It's time for Jack Conway to get in this race and start thumping Lt. Dan, then send Jim Bunning to the showers.

I'd just add for all the anonymously-commenting desperate and delusional supporters of Mongiardo: the rampant homophobia among Kentucky's registered-Democrats-who-always-vote-republican is a bad thing for Dr. Dan, because the homophobes think Mongiardo is gay, and that his gay-bashing is a cover.

In other words, Dan loses the progressive vote for being a homophobe and pro mountaintop removal mining, he loses the homophobe vote because they think he's gay. and he loses the racist vote because he endorsed Barack Obama. That's pretty much every Democratic vote in the state.

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