Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kentucky Senate Seat is Democratic Party's to Lose

Via Barefoot and Progressive, a new Public Policy Poll has Jim Bunning losing to any random Democrat who shows up.

Political Wire got an advance look at a new Public Policy Polling survey in Kentucky that shows Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) with a 28% favorable rating as he attempts to run for a third term.

Bunning loses head-to-head match ups with all four Democrats considering a run against him: Kentucky Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo, Attorney General Jack Conway, state Auditor Crit Luallen and Rep. Ben Chandler.

Complete poll results will be released tomorrow.

As Media Czech notes, the cross-tabs will tell the story. In the meantime, some contradictory thoughts:
  • Polls eighteen months out are bullshit.
  • Nevertheless, I'm sure this one has repugs shitting their pants and taking contracts out on Jimbo.
  • And making begging calls to Secretary of State Trey Grayson, who is way too smart to believe early polls, but who might have an ego susceptible to national repugs calling him savior.
  • Bullshit regardless, tomorrow we'll see Dan Mongiardo strutting around like cock-of-the-walk, nevermind that his first-quarter fundraising leaves him $180,000 still in debt.
  • Which strutting might possibly be annoying enough to get Hamlet Conway off his pretty ass and into the race.

Oh, yeah. Crit Luallen and Ben Chandler are not considering, never have considered, and never will consider running for Bunning's Senate seat next year.

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mud_rake said...

I am doubtful that Kentucky will elect a Democrat to the Senate. The state has been painted deep red for years. What makes you believe that the citizens of Kentucky have 'come to their senses' and are more enlightened than they have been in past elections?

It took Ohio 4 election cycles to elect its Democratic senator.

BimBeau said...

When I visit friends in other states, I'm subject to much examination and testing. I get an oral to see if I have meth-mouth, an intelligence test to see if I'm smart enough to NOT be thrown back across the river. I get a vision exam to see if I can see ... beyond the tip of my nose, and a logic examination to discern my adaptivity to change and callenge.

Some of my buds don't even believe one can register as a Democrat in Ky. I explained about Demicrats ... they didn't think it was at all funny ...

If their be no primary, Mangy Mongi has a chance. Coal-field DINO's will, as a matter of habit vote for anything other than a Fayette or Jefferson Dem. Coming from Hopkins via Owen County, my ear is sensitive to grumblings about 'shitty city attitudes'. It's a real concern. Look at the record and voting profiles by county.

Voters out-state look to coal (or corn), commandments and church --- god, guns and glory.